We’re a group of people who love Sidmouth Folk Festival, and love connecting with people… and we also love connecting with something bigger. We have all experienced the wonder of being faced with something mysterious, something inexplicable, something whose very essence is love. We call this mystery ‘God’, but you might have other names.

We’re here in Sidmouth running Lost in Wonder, an participatory experience of storytelling and spirituality for passers-by to explore. We believe in the power of speaking and listening to each other’s stories and are here to create little moments of encounter in all the hustle and bustle of Sidmouth in Festival week. We long for our souls to find rest in an unexpected moment of awe – to be lost in wonder and we invite you to experience the same.

Our team are all part of churches in Sidmouth, and this is a project in partnership with Methodist Church GB and the Sidmouth Collective. 

Come and be lost in wonder for as long as you need.

© Lost in Wonder 2023

A Project of the Methodist Church

Designed by Phoce